The FixBIOME difference

Three years ago, FIXBIOME set out on a mission to create high-quality supplements, designed for the gut, based on science.

FixBIOME was born out of our founder’s frustration, when after trying multiple products that had some of the ingredients she was looking for, nothing changed the state of her gut. She turned to pharmaceuticals and faced chronic relapse.

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Innovative proprietary blends

FixBIOME uses the help of scientists, doctors and naturopaths to formulate the most innovative balance and blend of natural ingredients that work together in harmony and are proven by the clinical literature to take action in the gut.

Supply chain

FixBIOME investigates the supply chain to determine where to source the highest quality active ingredients, taking into multiple factors that can affect how the name of an ingredient functions. These can include the region of the element, the time of year grown, and how it was processed or picked.


FixBIOME tests its active ingredients to be sure they meet the required standards for their proprietary formulation.

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Processing and formulating for stability

FixBIOME uses a proprietary method of processing and encapsulating to ensure the stability of delicate ingredients.

FixBIOME uses these ‘trade secret’ processes to optimise our ingredients to maximise impact on the gut.

Out of all these things, the true meaning of the FixBIOME difference is we have been there; we have felt, watched and treated your pain. So we created better. Our aim was never to slap the ingredients on a label and call it done. We chose research, investigation and quality to bring you the best product possible.

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